Eltis McPoncho

The only thing that moves faster than Eltis are his bullets.


Eltis was raised in a desert town in the Saraneyan Desert where he learned all his mischief. Later on in his life, Eltis joined the town’s merchant guild, in his attempt to make a living. He quickly became famous in the guild for several reasons and made quite a few friends, including Lucy, the town’s prostitute. All was going well until the guild master one day vanished. Shortly after, the guild fell into chaos. Luckily one of the guild’s more reputable members, Shaco, one of Eltis’ close friends, took control of it and brought it back under control. Eltis took it upon himself to find out where the guild master has disappeared to and attempt to bring her back. Shaco agreed to it and stayed to act as temporary guild master.

And so off he went to start his adventure. Sadly, while on the boat ride towards the east, where Eltis’ clues were leading him towards, Eltis was visited at night, was knocked out, and thrown overboard and into the sea to die.

By some miracle, he regained consciousness upon a beach, naked, but seemingly unharmed, although something was definitely not right. As his vision slowly came back to him, he saw the silhouettes of a man and large canine figure walking away from him. Unsure as to what just happened, Eltis quickly stole some clothes and set out to continue his search, not knowing whether his master was even anywhere nearby. Later that day, he found himself taking the main road, which lead to the main city of Falkoria. After spending days looking for clues as to where his guild master may be, Eltis yielded no results and decided to put his search on hold.

Upon reaching the city, Eltis received word of a grand tournament happening. Deciding there was no better place to gather information that such an event, Eltis made that his next stop.

Eltis McPoncho

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