Lord Garoth Litorion

The Falkorian king


Garoth is a human man who appears to be in his 50s. He has long, dark blueish-black hair, and is well built.


Garoth is the descendant of Galleos, Falkorathear’s champion exarch in the days of Xorvintaal. After the dragon’s victory over The Great Game, He aided His exarchs in taking over a large amount of the human lands, appointing Galleos as king in return for his services.

Centuries later, Garoth sits upon his ancestor’s thrown, continuing to follow out the wishes of Galleos’ master. For hundreds of years, Garoth’s family has lead countless assaults on arcanists and elvenkind all over the Material Plane, attempting to wipe them off the face of the plane entirely. With vast armies, and the powerful orcs as their allies, the Falkorians grow closer to their goal as time passes by. The fight may not be over, but there exist far less arcanists and elves in the world today than ever before.

Lord Garoth Litorion

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