The Storm Kings of Arcadia

Over 900 years ago

The Storm Kings (actually three kings and one queen) are four once-mortal beings who have assumed the mantles of Rain, Wind, Lightning, and Cloud. Though the Storm King are not deities, the power each of them commands rivals that of a demideity. The Storm Kings control the weather on Arcadia, and they work in tandem according to precisely laid plans. It’s their task to ensure that every part of the plane receives a perfect blend of rain and shine.

The Storm Kings live in citadels that reach high into the sky until the tallest spires are lost in the bright haze. Weather appropriate to each Storm King surrounds his or her castle.

Present Day

During The Great War of The Outlands, the three Storm Kings of Rain, Wind, and Lightning agreed to follow the dragon God Falkorathear into battle against Boccob. After the defeat of Falkor’s army, the three Storm Kings disappeared. No one to this day knows whether they were banished, slain, or fled, but they have never been seen since that fateful day.

With the three Storm Kings gone, the skies of The Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia are filled with clouds, for only the Storm Queen Bestla remains.

The Storm Kings of Arcadia

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